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COCKTAILS from £7.95



The Victualler Signature Cocktail - Smashed on the Rocks

Mint, fresh lemons and gomme syrup muddled and then

shaken with Jack Daniels Honey Tennessee whiskey.


Black Daniels with Muddled Blackberries £1 extra

Last Straw with sliced and muddled Strawberries £1 extra


Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, Martini Rosso and Orange

Bitters, garnished with a Maraschino Cherry.

Blueberry Fire £1 extra

Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire shaken with muddled mint,

lime and blueberries, served tall topped with Bundaberg

fiery Ginger Beer.

Hazel Rocks

Bushmills Irish whisky, Frangelico, egg white and fresh

lemon juice, shaken hard and served short on the rocks.

Whiskey Sour

Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey shaken with lemon juice,

egg white and Angostura bitters, served short on the rocks.



Classic Frozen Daiquiri

The original classic with Havana Anejo and fresh lime.

Or why not try:

Mixed Berry with fresh Strawberries, Blueberries & Raspberries

‘78 Pina

Our take on the classic with Havana 3 Year old, fresh lime

and pineapple, coconut cream and Australian honey.

Blizzard of ‘78

As above, but frozen, obviously.

Double '78 Pina

’78 Pina for 2 to share, served in a copper pineapple.

Classic Mojito

Havana Anejo, fresh mint and lime, crushed ice and

topped with soda.

Or why not try:

Elderflower Mojito with St. Germaine liqueur £1 extra

Strawberry Mojito £1 extra

Raspberry Mojito £1 extra

Champagne Mojito £2 extra

Passionfruit Mojito £1 extra

Dark & Stormy

Havana 7 Year muddled with lime, shaken over ice and

topped with Ginger Beer.

Cuba Libre

Must be muddled limes, Havana 7 Year & Coca-Cola served

short on the rocks.

Smoking Cubans £2 extra

Our take on the Classic Old Fashioned.

Havana Club 7 year, smoked peppercorns, Bramley &

Gage quince liqueur, brown sugar & a couple of drops of

Bittermens Xocolatl Mole, garnished with an orange twist.

Tom & Jerry

Our spiced rum version of the classic Bloody Mary


Brazil’s national cocktail, muddled limes and sugar, shaken

with Cachaça, served short on the rocks.

Maracuba Sour

Our Cuban take on the Peruvian classic. Havana 3 year

muddled with fresh passionfruit, Passoa and fresh lime,

served long over crushed ice.

Jerry Cola

A spiced version of the classic Mojito, made with

Sailor Jerry rum and topped with Coca-Cola instead

of soda water.

Hard as Fuck Hemingway

Havana 3yr old Rum, grapefruit & lime juices & Maraschino

shaken, served in a coupe and garnished with a cherry.



Gosporto Goose

Martini style blend of 10 Year Tawny Port, Grey Goose

and orange bitters, with a lemon twist.


Nelson’s Blood

This blood red cocktail balances the rich fruitiness

of Sandeman 10 Year Old Tawny Port with the fortifying

complexity of Courvoisier, garnished with a lemon

zest twist. So named after sailors drank brandy direct

from the barrel used to preserve Nelson’s body after the

battle of Trafalgar.


Espresso Martini

Absolut, Kahlua and gomme syrup shaken hard

over ice, delicious!


Elyx Espresso Martini with Cognac £2 extra

Absolut Elyx & Merlet C2 Coffee liqueur for an

extra silky finish.


Pornstar Martini with Chapel Down £2 extra

A modern classic, served garnished with fresh

passionfruit and a with double shot of Chapel

Down English sparkling wine


Grand Cosmopolitan £1 extra

Grey Goose Le Citron & Grand Marnier shaken

with fresh lime and cranberry juice, garnished

with flamed orange peel.


Long Island Iced Tea £1 extra

A balanced blend of Absolut Vodka, Havana Anejo

White Rum, Beefeater London Dry Gin, Olmeca Blanco

Tequila, Cointreau Orange Liquer and lemon juice,

floated on Coca-Cola.



Absolut and creme de cacao shaken with hazelnut

syrup and a splash of double creme, served in a

champagne coupe.


Cloud 9

Absolut Vanilia, Creme de Cacao, double cream,

shaken and topped with Marshmallows and grated

Terry’s Chocolate Orange.


Bloody Mary

Needs no introduction, just make it quietly please.



Bombay Black

Blackberries, Cassis and lime juice shaken with

Bombay Sapphire, served tall over ice, topped

with tonic and garnished with rosemary and a blackberry.


Bombay Black & Blue £1 extra

as above with Blueberries


The perfect aperitif cocktail, with Beefeater Gin,

sweet vermouth and Campari.


Tom Collins

A refreshing classic, Beefeater with lemon juice,

gomme syrup and topped with soda.


English Garden

Beefeater Gin, St. Germaine Elderflower liqueur and

mint topped with Chapel Down 3 Graces, served in

a flute and garnished with a cucumber ribbon..



JUGS for 4 to share £20

Trafalgar Punch

Muddled lemons and Gomme syrup, 10 Year Old

Sandeman Tawny Port, Courvoisier, Havana Anejo

& nutmeg. This is a traditional sailors punch originally

used for toasting during the Britannia Age of Sail.


West Coast Fizz

Fresh limes muddled with Havana Anejo Especiale and

topped with ice and Coca-Cola.


East Coast Fizz

Muddled mint and fresh lemons, Beefeater London Dry

Gin, topped with Ice and soda.


Mary Berri

Fresh raspberries muddled with Absolut Raspberri and

topped with ice, lime & soda, garnished with a sprig of



Classic Pimms £25

With seasonal fresh fruit, mint and topped with lemonade.



Orange Crush

Olmeca Blanco Tequila, Orange and Lime juices

& Tabasco, shaken and served in a coupe with an

orange spritz and garnished with an edible flower.


Aperol Spritz

A summer classic, Aperol, Pongracz Brut & a slice

of orange, topped with soda.


Frozen Margarita

Don julio Blanco blended with Grand Marnier orange

liqueur and fresh lime.

Amaretto Sour

Disaronno Italian liqueur shaken with lemon juice, egg

white and Angostura bitters, served short on the rocks.




Bloody Shame

Spiced tomato juice, lemon juice and celery.

Mojito No

Muddled mint and lime, served long over crushed

ice and topped with Bundaberg Ginger Beer.


Decidedly UnCosmopolitan

Orange and cranberry juices, gomme syrup and lime.

St. Kitts

Pineapple & lime Juices shaken with Pomegranate

syrup and topped with Ginger Ale.




Peroni ITALY 5.1% £5.10 / £2.60

Estrella SPAIN 4.6% £4.70 / £2.40

Pilsner Urquell CZECH R. 4.4% £4.50 / £2.30




Stowford Press UK 4.5% £4.00 / £2.05

Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime SWEDEN 4% £5.10 / £2.60


CASK ALES £4.10 / £2.10


Timothy Taylor Landlord YORKSHIRE 4.3%

The Victualler Copper Ale GOSPORT 4.4%

St. Austell Tribute CORNWALL 4.2%





Bolla Prosecco ITALY £24.95 / £4.50


Pongracz Rose SOUTH AFRICA £27.95 / £4.95


Chapel Down Brut 3 Graces, ENGLAND £45 / £7.95


Perrier Jouet FRANCE £49.95 / £8.95


Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé FRANCE £75.00





Cullinan View Chenin Blanc SOUTH AFRICA £18.95 / £4.80 / £6.85


Cullinan View Sauvignon Blanc SOUTH AFRICA £19.95 / £5.05 / £7.20


Fantinel Pinot Grigio ITALY £20.95 / £5.35 / £7.35


Villa Maria Clifford Bay Reserve Sauvignon Blanc NEW ZEALAND £26.95 / £6.70 / £9.50


J Moreau Petit Chablis FRANCE £28.95 / £7.20 / £10.20


Sancerre Les Collinettes - Joseph Mellot FRANCE £29.95


Pouilly-Fuisse Les Petit Pierres, Louis Jadot FRANCE £39.95





Marqués de Morano Rioja Joven Tinto SPAIN £19.95 / £5.10 / £7.30


Portillo Pinot Noir, Uco Valley, Mendoza ARGENTINA £22.95 / £5.80 / £8.30


Luis Felipe Edwards Gran Reserva Merlot, CHILE £22.95 / £5.80 / £8.30


Torres Gran Coronas Cabernet Sauvignon SPAIN £25.95


Bourgogne Pinot Noir Couvent des Jacobins, Louis Jadot FRANCE £26.95


Chianti Classico Santedame Estate 2005 ITALY £28.95





Vendange White Zinfandel USA £19.95 / £5.05 / £7.20


Pinot Grigio Blush ITALY £19.95 / £5.05 / £7.20